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Hello Geeks,

Thank you for being part of the SQLServerGeeks SQL Server Day on 17th Jan, 2015. It is a wonderful feeling to come back with three events in three cities. The good news is we will be doing this religiously now every month. So you get the best sessions all for free every month.


I would like to thank each and every individual who made it to the SQL Server Day, Hyderabad on 17th Jan, 2015. It was a long weekend and taking out your personal time for the love of SQL Server is really appreciated. This is going to repeat again. So those who have missed, get ready for the second dose of SQL Server Day in Hyderabad this year. The next SQL Server day is announced and is on 14th Feb, 2015 in Hyderabad. So, do not wait and block your seat now. We have more announcements and surprises for you. 🙂

For those who have missed the event on 17th Jan, A few words on what you missed. We started the day with introducing the community to the new members. The first session was on Buffer Pool Extension, a new feature in SQL Server 2014. This is one of the three great memory level new features introduced in SQL Server 2014. In Sep 2013, at the first SQL Server Day in Hyderabad I have talked about In-Memory OLTP, for the first time in India. On 17th Jan I have covered Buffer Pool Extension. The next one, Delayed Durability, will be covered in one of the coming SQL Server Days. One reason not to miss any SQL Server Day as we have beautiful new content at every event.


The second session was from Aditya Badramraju, speaking for the first time for SQL Server Geeks. He is a performance tuning expert with loads of knowledge on internal troubleshooting. He introduced the xPerf tool and explained in detail, the use cases of the tool. By end of session attendees wanted to use this tool. We were overwhelmed with the number of questions that came up. That shows how well the session was received by the attendees. A new tool, learnt, understood and gained the craze it needs. Another reason why you should not miss SQL Server Day events.



I also got the opportunity at the event to thank everyone and announcing the selection of my session for SQLBits, London. Yes, I will now be an international speaker for the first time in March, 2015. And, NO, this is not the big announcement. Anyone who is still not aware of the big announcement?

SQL Server Geeks is organizing SSG Annual Summit 2015, the Asia’s First Largest SQL Server Conference on 27-29 August 2015 at Nimhans Convention Center, Bangalore, India. This will be the biggest SQL Server Conference, Asia has ever witnessed with more than 1000 SQL Server Professionals at a single place. Three days of SQL Server Sessions with 60+ Sessions and 40+ Speakers. So do not think anything else. Just go and REGISTER TODAY. We have the early bird price which is going to increase soon from 28 February. Get the best of the event for the best price you can ever get. If you are waiting for your company to sponsor you, Register and get it reimbursed.


With that, there is more coming soon. So stay tuned and subscribe for the SQL Server Geeks mailing list to get regular update on upcoming SQL Server Geeks Events and the SSG Annual Summit 2015.


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