Sunil Agarwal – Principal Program Manager in SQL Server Storage Engine Group is speaking at SSGAS 2015

Dear SQL Geeks, brace yourself, I am taking the honors of announcing our first Microsoft speaker and he is…. oh… just so difficult to put this in words!

The man who owns columnstore feature for Data Warehouse and Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016
The man who has driven features like In-Memory OLTP, AlwaysOn AGs and Data Compression.
The man who has co-authored a book on SQL and has written many blogs and white papers.
The man who has been part of SQL Storage Engine Product Team since 2002.

Join me in welcoming, The Man, the Superstar,
Sunil Agarwal

1_Sunil Agarwal_SSGAS_Speaker

Please join me in welcoming Sunil Agarwal, who needs no introduction in the SQL World.

Sunil Agarwal is a Principal Program Manager in SQL Server Storage Engine Group since 2002. He had worked on the in-memory OLTP as part of SQL Server 2014. Sunil now owns the column store in-memory technology for DW workloads. Earlier, Sunil has driven many features in SQL Server such as AlwaysON, Data Compression, Snapshot Isolation, Vardecimal Storage Format, Enhancements to TempDB, Bulk Import/Export, and Supportability. Sunil has co-authored two books and many white papers on SQL Server and he contributes to popular SQL Server Storage Engine Blog.

Sunil will be delivering a couple of breakout sessions at SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015around In-Memory OLTP, Cloumstore Index & Operational Analytics. Expect some amazing SQL 2016 sessions from him!

I had the privilege of attending Sunil’s sessions on couple of occasions at TechEds & PASS Summits. Also on many occasions, Sunil had been my speaker colleague at many of these global conferences including the recent Ignite – what a privilege for me!

Now it is your turn to see him, meet him & hear him live! The superstar!

What does it mean for you? Simply put, this is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear directly from the man who has built, driven and owns features in SQL Server Storage Engine.

I have travelled thousands of miles to hear him. Now, he travels thousands of miles so that he meets you and you meet him!


We at SQLServerGeeks are very grateful that he agreed to come on board and share his expertise with the Asian SQL community. And I am sure that you are equally grateful that he is speaking at Asia’s First SQL Conference.


Still not registered for the conference? It is never too late. Reserve your seat now! For corporate registrations, write to mamita[at]peoplewareindia[dot]com.

Let your boss know today that THE MAN, SUNIL AGARWAL is speaking at Asia’s First SQL Conference and you want to attend his sessions& meet him – THIS IS UN-MISS-ABLE!

Do share and spread the word!

And I hope you have not missed our previous speaker announcements about Denny Cherry, Benjamin Nevarez, Praveen Srivatsa, Alberto Ferrari, Joey D’Antoni, Dave Dustin, Satya SKJ, Amit R S Bansal, Vic Parmar, Raj Chaudhuri, Nauzad Kapadia & Lakshmana Kothapalli.

Honestly, our battery of speakers have now moved to the NEXT LEVEL. BELIEVE IT. ITS HAPPENEING!

SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit will be a mega event – For the SQL Community, By the SQL Community, Of the SQL Community! And it is turning out to be a star studded event! Oh, actually, super-star studded event!


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